Mummy-Fit class

mummyfitOne of the greatest times in our life is having a new little family member, it is truly a life changing experience.

Adjusting to a whole new routine can be stressful and getting yourself fit again seems forever in the distance.

Fitness does have to go ‘on hold’ especially after the initial stages of your pregnancy but soon after mums can start getting back into a fitness routine. The problem been is finding fitness classes that provide for both mums and babies.

Our mummy fit club is here to fix that! With these classes you can bring your little ones with you while our instructors get you back into shape.

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Have you got changing facilities for myself and my child?

Yes, we have female changing rooms with showers. We have baby changing units installed as well.

I haven’t exercised for a long time, can I do it?

We want all mums to get involved but we do ask that you check with your GP or midwife and get a letter stating that you are fit to exercise. While attending a class, if you struggle or your little one needs you just simply take a break and return when you’re ready. Mummy fit club is about helping you get back on track NOT tiring you out.

Is it safe?

Yes, we have plenty of space and numbers will be kept relatively small. This is to ensure your safety and for our instructors to keep watch over everyone while making sure you’re performing the exercises correctly.

Medical conditions

If you have any medical conditions we ask you check with your GP prior to starting. Please notify the instructors of any problems or conditions prior to starting the session.

What do I need to wear?

Comfortable clothing, easy to move around in. Make sure to bring some water with you as staying hydrated is essential.

How old does my child have to be to attend?

As much as the name ‘Mummy fit club’ portrays it for mums who have recently had babies we open these classes to all mums. As long as your children are well behaved they are more than welcome. We have a range of toys to keep them occupied for the duration.

Can I try a class out before doing a block booking?

Of course! You can pay for a single class or if you want to secure your place each week, we have a monthly membership you can choose